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This was a question I started asking myself yesterday. Fennec foxes are unbelievably cute little creatures that live in the Sahara desert. My interest in them was sparked after seeing this image at the Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition yesterday.

Unfortunately, as with most living species, fennec fox populations are at risk. They are not only suffering from loss of habitat, but they are also hunted by the people of the Sahara, making them rare in parts of Northwestern Africa.

However, they are of no threat to people and their livestock. In fact, fennec foxes are important small hunters helping to control the populations of several pests, including rodents and locusts. The over-population of rodents poses a direct threat to the environment and agricultural crops. Consequently, fennec foxes, and other small carnivores are extremely important to the balance of many ecosystems.

Sadly there seems to be little knowledge of or effort to protect these creatures…

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers, that currently looks after some fennec foxes. http://crittercamp.weebly.com/ I’ve made a donation to help them keep looking after these and other unusual creatures that are in need of care.