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Five billion plastic bottles were sent to UK landfill sites last year, Recycle for Hampshire has joined the campaign urging people to make a promise to recycle just one extra plastic bottle per household each week.

If every household in Hampshire recycled one more plastic bottle a week we would be stopping 30 million bottles being thrown away every year.

In total over 40% of plastic bottles are not recycled in the county, that’s a staggering 126.5 million bottles that are not recycled each year.

The campaign is focusing on plastic bottles that we don’t think about recycling, or in my case that I didn’t realise could be recycled. Shampoo and shower gel bottles, bleach bottles or shower cleaner spray bottles – I’ve now recycled one of these and peldged to recycle 1 more platsic bottle each week. I wonder if everyone else in Hampshire will try and do this too?

You can find out all about this initiative and take the pledge at the website:  http://www.pledge4plastics.co.uk/pledge