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What are pangolins? Well, this is precisely what United for Wildlife are saying is the problem: most of us won’t have heard of these creatures, but they’re close to extinction.

The charity is working with the makers of Angry Birds to encourage a new generation to campaign against poached ivory, rhino horn, and other animal parts. They hope that around 200 million Angry Birds players worldwide will discover the pangolin and its risk of extinction and be moved to do something about it… I’ll be checking out the game.

Pangolins are the world’s only scaly mammal. It’s estimated that over one million pangolins were snatched from the wild in the last decade, making them the most poached animal that exists. They’re literally being eaten to extinction, before most people even know they exist.

Starting today, people can play the free, week-long tournament where they will encounter pangolins in the game, breaking their cages to free them from poachers – and having fun in the process.

After playing the game we want people to remember the pangolin’s name and help us secure their future by talking about them to people they know.