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One of my close friends is expecting her first child in December, she’ll be one of thousands of women planning for an extra special little delivery before Christmas. But not all of these women will have the support and facilities they need…

In rural Kenya, losing babies is so common that it’s simply considered a part of life. All too often giving birth at home is a dangerous ordeal for women – where the only pain relief during labour comes from herbal medicine and help from untrained traditional  birth attendants.

Each year 40,000 babies and 14,700 women die from complications during childbirth and pregnancy.

This year’s Christian Aid Christmas Appeal is to provide medical equipment, training and transport that could save the lives of mothers and babies in Kenya.

I’ve made a donation that will be doubled by the government in UK Aid. “Donations made to the Christmas appeal between 07/11/14 and 06/02/15 will be matched up to £5 million by the UK Government. From providing maternal healthcare in Kenya to ensuring poor communities receive the vital services we take for granted, your gift will help fund our work to eradicate poverty.”