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I know; it’s another festive themed post, but if I don’t think about this now I’ll be busy at work and then before I know it, it’ll be Christmas!

Santa Claus, St. Nick, Father Christmas, whatever you choose to call him, it’s probably the first big lie your parents ever told you and something about the big fat man in red always reminds me of this, but in a good way. Adults and children alike feel a warmth towards this magical character and happily indulge themselves in this seasonal, make-believe world.

Wasn’t it great when all you had to worry about at Christmas was trying to stay awake to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas? For weeks before you’d hear the phrase: “Father Christmas won’t be coming if you’re going to behave like that…” Sadly some children don’t share in an experience that is common to so many of us. The NSPCC works to end cruelty to children, so I’ve requested a letter from Santa and made the suggested donation to support their work and help some of the children who won’t have such happy childhood memories.