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I know it’s a little bit early to start talking about this, but I wanted to get in there first this year. I remember reading a lot of criticism last year of ‘poppy products’ and how much was actually being donated to the Royal British Legion as a result of their sale.

This bracelet is being sold by M & S for £9.50 and I’ve bought one, confident and content in the knowledge that all the profits £2.85 will go to the Royal British Legion. That’s a bigger donation than I’d normally make for a poppy to wear in my lapel.

Whilst it’s not really about the aesthetics, the bracelet is very pretty, more importantly it’ll allow me to show my support by wearing it for more than just a day, and unlike my poppy it’s a lot less likely to fall off or accidentally stab me during the day! So I’ll be wearing my poppy with pride whatever the critics say.