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Today my boyfriend returned after a week in the states, he presented me with proof of his action to change the world so I could have this evening off. Now that’s love!

(Sadly, I was still stressed about work for most of the evening… but let’s ignore that!)

He bought a t-shirt whilst at the Washington DC Hard Rock Cafe: a portion of the sale price benefits Music for Relief, a non-profit organization founded by Linkin Park, and its Power the World campaign. Linkin Park and Music for Relief launched Power the World to raise awareness about what it means to live without energy access and to highlight innovative clean energy solutions.

“The most exciting part of our partnership with Hard Rock is that it helps people,” says Mike Shinoda. “There are people in the world who cook dinner over fires and people who have to perform emergency surgery at night via candlelight. The proceeds of this shirt will buy clean-energy cook stoves for families who only have access to dirty cooking materials, which are bad for the environment and bad for their health. It will buy solar suitcases to power things like hospital lights and medical devices in remote areas of the world without energy access. By dedicating funds to Music for Relief, this Hard Rock t-shirt project promotes sustainable energy awareness and helps people who need it.”