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Like many people I’ve heard the recent news stories about Ashya King, the little boy removed from hospital by his parents without doctors’ consent. Having watched the father’s Youtube video this would seem to be a tragic story: Ashya’s parents were unhappy with the treatment he was receiving and were looking at alternative treatments. They were told that if they were unhappy about the treatment being given and continued to question the doctors, that the hospital would put a protection order in place, this would mean that they would not even be able to see their own son. They left to arrange for the treatment in another country. I think any human being could understand why they might have taken this action: they want the best for their child.

The Kings currently face charges of neglect and consequently may be extradited to the UK, proceedings have started today… I hope that the charges have already been dropped, but…

Please sign the petition on Change.org demanding the release of 2 loving parents and help them get back to Ashya.