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Exactly what it says: trying to produce zero waste that will go to landfill for a week.

Zero Waste Week 2014 runs from 1st-7th September. This year’s theme is ‘One More Thing’, so I’ll be trying to do ‘one more thing’ to reduce landfill waste!

In England we generate about 177 million tonnes of waste each year. This poor use of resources costs businesses and households money, but more importantly it causes environmental damage.

Some of the suggestions for taking part are:
• Ditch the plastic carrier bag – for good! Yep, I’ve really been working on this one already and have definitely used fewer plastic bags this year, so I’ll keep working on that…
• Grab that fabric stash and make do and mend Hmmm… I’ve tried reusing clothes that are no longer wearable and recycle items, but mending…
• Swap a disposable product for a reusable one I’m planning on reducing my sandwich bag/ lunch packaging waste once I return to work tomorrow. 
• Dive into your freezer and cupboards and stop food being wasted Guilty – I hate wasting food, but the other half and I are pretty bad at this… so this week I’ll be making a real effort on this one to try and kick start some better habits.
• Start a recycling policy or eco committee in your office My new job starts tomorrow, so I guess I’ll have to see how eco-friendly a school we are.

This week I’m going to try and be much more aware of the waste I’m creating and focus on ways to reduce it. Wish me luck!

To get involved visit the web page: http://www.zerowasteweek.co.uk/ or find ‘Zero Waste Week’ on Facebook.