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The following is the opening from an e-mail I received today from Global Citizen that I wanted to share:

In Britain we’re saving a life every 2 minutes through the international aid we give – that’s 720 people every single day! 

This is something we can all be proud of, and after years of campaigning, last year we became the first rich country to reach a milestone – 0.7% of our income now goes on lifting people out of extreme poverty across the world. But, despite all of our work and all of our effort, the government is still yet to put this into law –  now we need you to help us get 0.7 enshrined.

I loved the positive first sentence – I think that does feel good, sometimes I despair at what my taxes are spent on…

This morning I’ve e-mailed party leaders to try and get a bill passed making a clear commitment to international aid law.

To find out more about this, or other GlobalCitizen campaigns, visit their website: http://www.globalcitizen.org.