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Thankfully I’ve not received any nominations to do this myself, but my Facebook news feed is filling up with other people’s efforts – which I’m enjoying watching! For anyone who’s been living in a cave and hasn’t heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign where participants are challenged to throw a bucket of ice water over their heads before passing the challenge on to 3 other people who must accept the challenge within 24 hours. You can avoid this by donating to the charity instead. Or better yet, do both!

However many people aren’t putting the details for donations reminding people to donate: one of my Facebook friends did though and I made a text donation, only to discover it had gone to Macmillan! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was started by the motor neurone disease association, so I visited their justgiving page and donated their too.

So if you’re having the same problem I was and want to donate, please visit the MNDA website: