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I’m supporting the Open University’s TESSA programme. Getting a degree with the Open University was the only realistic route for me: I studied as an adult whilst working full time and it changed everything. It cost a fraction of what I would have been charged by any other university. This is typical of people’s experiences with the Open University.

But there are some countries where getting an education is a lot tougher than it is here… that’s why I’m supporting TESSA. This is how the Open University describe it:

Since 2005, our multi award-winning programme, ‘Teacher Education in sub-Saharan Africa’ (TESSA) has successfully been giving many thousands of teachers the resources they need to develop their skills, ensuring their pupils receive the very best education.

I’ve made a donation… and yes, I know, I’ve made a lot of donations – it’s not that I’m particularly wealthy (I live from one pay day to the next), but the donation I made was the equivalent to buying one extra drink this evening while I was out. A small amount to me might make all the difference to someone else.