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Today I’m supporting Haven: an organisation that provides practical support to prisoners in the UK. http://www.havendistribution.org.uk/index 

Prison inmates can be released back into society with the prospects of finding somewhere suitable to live and the opportunity to find meaningful employment or training for such work, escaping the constant stigmatisation of their past and increasing the hope of living a life without recourse to crime.

Haven provides essential tools for the creation of a resettled life after prison, without crime, providing a cost-effective service and an investment in the future of the growing number of applicants who seek our support.

The way I did this was buy making a purchase through their website on amazon.com (visit their website to find out more), the great thing about this is that I’ve bought a book called Refugee Boy – a novel for young people about the complex issues surrounding refugees. This book will be one of the first on the bookshelf in my new classroom in September and will be shared…