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I’ve talked out recycling and reusing things more and I’m really trying to waste less.

Often in the summer I cut down a pair of jeans that I think are looking tired (or are last season’s trend!) and get another year or two of wear from them as shorts. When I did this last week I put the spare fabric from the legs to one side; no idea what I was going to do with some faded grey soft denim, but just in case…

Yesterday I gave the lounge a really thorough clean – you know the kind where you move everything and turn the sofa upside down to shake loose any dirt – I used my scraps of fabric as dusters to remove the worst layer of fluff and dust from a number of surfaces which I usually ignore as no-one sees them!

I’d be the first to admit this is not the most inventive use and maybe if I dusted more often – or ever – I’d have thought of this sooner, but it’s another step towards a less wasteful and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.