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Yesterday I had to cancel my planned trip to Sierra Leone. I was due to spend 2 weeks working as a volunteer teacher, but the ebola virus is continuing to spread and consequently public gatherings are being restricted. 

I’m really disappointed. I’ve spent weeks preparing: organising a visa, vaccinations, preparing resources, trying to educate myself about the country… I also know that I’m lucky: I’m not stuck in Sierra Leone unable to fly back; I’ve not been put at risk or caught the virus; I haven’t put my family and friends through 2 weeks of worry; and I’ve managed to recover more of the costs than I thought would be possible.

Some people have not been so fortunate. Lots of people suggested I was ‘brave’ for heading out there, but I wasn’t planning on going anywhere near any sick people: I can’t imagine what it’s like for the medical staff battling against this epidemic. 

I’ve made a donation to the international medical corps.