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Toilet paper

Suggestions for saving toilet paper:

1. Use both sides!

2. Have a giant spider guard the toilet roll.

3. Have paper that is printed to look like bank notes, to remind you that you’re basically flushing money away.

4. Wash with soap and water instead of wiping!

5. Limit the number of sheets used, eg. 5 sheets a day.

I can’t imagine I’ll be doing any of these things!

Today’s post was prompted by 2 things. Firstly, stumbling across a site where lots of people were attempting different challenges each week to try and be greener: they were having a toilet paper challenge and trying to limit themselves to  a certain number of sheets per day. Secondly when I read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography they were using toilet paper to write on, as it was they only way they could get hold of paper. When this was discovered they were given 5 sheets of paper at the start of the day and no more.

This all sounds rather extreme to me… but, there’s something here worth thinking about. Clearly buying recycled toilet paper is the first step to a greener bathroom, but using less of things is one of the best ways to save resources. So I’m going to endeavour to be less wasteful and reduce the amount of toilet paper I use, even if it’s just by not grabbing a handful to wipe paw prints off the bath and finding a cleaning cloth to do that with!