Fracking company Cuadrilla is inching closer to its dream of fracking wells across the North West. Its latest target is Roseacre village in the stunning Fylde countryside of Lancashire.

If Cuadrilla’s plans succeed, the village will face increased traffic and gas flaring, just two of the ways in which fracking contributes to climate change. There is also the risk of contamination of groundwater and pollution of the nearby Ribble and Wyre estuaries – both internationally important sites for wintering birds.

Local residents from across Lancashire are doing all they can to stop these fracking applications from succeeding. Let’s stand with them.

I’ve e-mailed Lancashire County Council to do just that.

I didn’t really know anything about fracking when it first started happening and appearing in the news: I thought people were probably overreacting… and it wasn’t happening near me. Then I realised how ignorant that attitude was and started investigating. I didn’t like what I found out.

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