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I’m swamped with work at the moment and finding it hard to dedicate the time and effort I would like to thinking about others, so I’ve decided to ‘throw money at the problem’! In fact I’m throwing money at a number of problems in an attempt to catch up and get back on track….

174. Inspired by my other half taking a (very rare) interest in something charitable, a donation to CECT.

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust. We aim to support those affected by retinoblastoma, raise awareness of this disease and fund key research projects. Your money will help to fight eye cancer in children by going directly towards this vital work.

Next… 175. ‘Junk’ mail the other half received that he passed my way, because actually he really likes cats!

Cats Protection: Please will you give £5 now to to stop kittens having kittens? In just 5 years… a kitten could be responsible for 20000 offspring!

Ok, donation made.

Then… 176. Sponsoring my aunt and her friends as they ran a 24 hour relay for Thomley Hall Centre.

A recreational facility for disabled children, their families, friends and schools. “Thomley has a wonderful community feel. At other places I feel on edge. Here it’s friendly, our children are accepted, no-one is shocked and I don’t feel I have to apologise for my child’s disability.” A parent


Recently one of my colleagues asked how I was getting on – knowing it would be tough for me at the moment – and told me that I’d inspired her to commit to a charitable effort and take part in a half marathon, she thought maybe I could count that… However, when I thought about it that was really the idea behind this blog, not just to record what I’d done, but to try and inspire others to do something too. So I guess it’s working.

Now about that half marathon, hmmm… I guess taking part in that would count if I can convince myself to!