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Charity money collection boxes

I was really busy today; driving for 2 hours to have a meeting about my forthcoming trip to volunteer in Sierra Leone. (Action 108) Some days I’m actually working on 2 or 3 actions, but they’re things I’ve already blogged about – so I can’t count them again!

What I realised today though is that I’ve developed some good habits this year; I always try to put change into charity collection boxes whenever I see them now. Before I’d have done this occasionally… maybe…  In the Co-op today picking up a bottle of water for the drive back I did, as has now become my habit, put some change in their charity collection box. The charity was Myton, who provide care and support for the terminally ill and their families. http://www.mytonhospice.org/

The thing about this new habit is often I’ve not heard of the charity, so I read up about them later and although this new habit is costing me a little (not enough that I really notice it), I’m actually getting quite a lot from it. All these charities are set up by people who want to change things to make life better for others in some way and I find it quite inspiring there are so many people like that out there.