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Yesterday I went shopping for a new laptop. The sales assistant was very quick to point out how outdated and useless my laptop is and I was quick to agree, that’s why I’m replacing it – I got my laptop free with my phone contract a few years ago – there are however “over 11 million people in the UK that do not have access to the internet and over 500,000 school children that do not have access to a computer at home”. (http://www.reusemypc.com)

To them I’m guessing my laptop would be a help, so I’ve visited the website for Reuse My PC, an organisation that is working to create a more digitally inclusive society, by reusing computer equipment, mainly in the following ways:

  • www.mindthegap.org.uk a programme aimed at getting the 500,000 school children that don’t have a computer at home online to help with their learning and we are sure their families too!.

I’ve requested an envelope to enable me to send them my old laptop (once the new one’s been delivered). If you’re interested in supporting this please visit their website: http://www.reusemypc.com