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Lots of people I know have birthdays around this time of year (including myself). I decided instead of shopping on the high street I’d look for some unique and ethical gifts.

It probably took me a lot longer than it normally would to do my gift shopping; I had to navigate my way around the web, finding UK sites that promote ethical shopping and sell products that are stylish and fabulous! But after some searching I stumbled across http://www.greentulip.co.uk and ultimately as well as having bought a gift I hope the recipient will love, my pleasure at giving it and theirs at receiving it will also be increased by knowing we’ve supported ethical trade and helped a UK entrepreneur achieve their long term goal:

“The launch of Green Tulip in 2007 fulfilled my long term goal – bringing together personal commitments to trading fairly and helping save the environment with a passion for retail. My aim is to offer customers products that are stylish and contemporary, and that have also been produced without exploiting people, animals or the environment. I would love to think that, in some small way, Green Tulip will help raise the profile of ethically sourced products and show that they can be beautiful too.”

Clearly I won’t be revealing what I purchased in case my friend reads this and it spoils the surprise, I will be considering shopping in this way again though as I still have some gift shopping to do!