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116. Angels Rescue

Over the weekend I’ve just felt overworked and overwhelmed by how much I need to do at the moment and events in life over-taking me, so the blog has slipped… Today I’ve tried to expand the area of my attention and just look a little further and I’ve been touched by a couple of stories and prompted to start catching up on the missed opportunities to do good in the world.


The sad story of Chuckie, the dog abandoned by its owners – twice, prompted me to donate to Angels Rescue to help support his care. I was touched when I heard that neighbours had fed him and even taken him to the vets to get him checked over, but as he’s in Atlanta I can’t rescue him!  http://www.angelsrescue.org/donate/

117. Stephen’s Story

Then on the news this evening I heard ‘Stephen’s story’ I can’t find words that would even begin to do this justice, but would encourage you to follow the link and be inspired. I’ve made a donation to the Teenager Cancer Trust.