I’ve been puzzling over this a lot lately: should I prioritise the personal over the professional more often to be happier? My internet research revealed some interesting (and at time surprising) results, which, incidentally, made me a little happier, so I thought I’d share them…

There were the usual things, you’re happier if you’re:

  1. In a long-term relationship
  2. Actively engaged in politics
  3. Active
  4. Eat out

Then there are the things that make me happier just by reading them…

  1. Have close friends (happiness does not increase by increasing the number of friends you have)
  2. People who drink in moderation are happier than people who don’t drink at all.
  3. Men tend to be happier in a society where women enjoy greater equality. My other half must be very happy! 😉
  4. Being considered good looking increases men’s happiness more than it does women’s. Enough said!
  5. You tend to be happier if you think you’re good looking, rather than if you actually, objectively speaking, are. Love it!
  6. Having children lowers your happiness levels, but your happiness increases when they grow up and leave home. I always suspected this!

So if, like me, you’re more or less doing these things that’s 10 reasons to be happy! Oh and if that wasn’t enough, it’s Friday.

If reading this has made you a little bit happier today, then my job here is done. 🙂