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Sadly today was the last day of my 2 weeks off đŸ˜¦

To try and make the most of every last minute we went out for lunch at Pizza Express; as I was making my selection I noticed that in tiny print under a couple of the pizzas there were details about donations to charity. Only small donations – 25p per pizza – but as stated on their website that’s resulted in over £2 000 000 donated to charity:

We donate 25p for every Veneziana pizza (both Classic and Romana) sold to the Veneziana Fund. It’s one of the UK’s oldest charitable commitments and has raised more than £2 million to date, supporting the Venice in Peril fund as well as the restoration, repair and maintenance of UK buildings built before 1750.


I’d be the first to admit it’s a very small thing to do, but every day I find myself doing more and more small actions without really thinking about them any more and all those small actions add up to real change. Especially as I know I’m not the only one trying to change the world around me… if we all do the little things we’ll definitely be able to make a real impact.