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Festival Place was full of extras today due to it being the Easter weekend: a band playing, food samples, book signings, etc. As I raced around eager to get in and out of the mayhem asap after picking up the couple of things I needed, I did enjoy some of the additional sounds and smells.

I was on the final stretch when I heard the inevitable: “Miss, Miss, Miss!” coming from behind one of the stalls – in fact they even went so far as to call me by name and that’s when I saw one of my very sweet Y7 girls working behind the Scouts stall. She was clearly excited about what they were doing, they were serving up hot food and much as I would have loved to support them I didn’t have enough cash or enough of an appetite! But it was easy enough to go over, have a chat and see what they were doing and I realised what I could do was donate to Ark (the charity they were collecting for). http://www.arkcancercharity.org.uk/

A big well done to all the Scouts from Basingstoke East who were  involved, it looked like they had done a great job. http://www.bescouts.org.uk/ I know Guiding was definitely a beneficial part of my childhood and I think all kids should give it a go, so it was great to see that they still are.