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I’ve just filled in a form requesting information about volunteering in Sierra Leone for 2 weeks this summer. This is something I’ve thought a lot about doing in the past, but for various reasons have never quite managed.

There are lots of discussions about whether volunteering abroad is really useful, unskilled workers from the UK would often make more of an impact by donating the money they would spend participating in projects to enable charities to pay local people wages to do the work. However, I’ve been looking for something that makes use of my professional skills. There appears to be a shortage of qualified English teachers in the UK at the moment, so it seems like I might actually have a skill that is needed here and if it’s needed here then it may well be in short supply elsewhere too.


Whilst I don’t doubt that I would enjoy the experience, there is also an element of self-sacrifice; my partner will hate me being away for 2 weeks (and I’ll miss him too), the cost of the flight and accommodation is not cheap either. Doing this will probably limit the opportunities for any other travel this summer…