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Yesterday I visited Dudley Zoo to participate in a ‘tapir tickling’ experience with my Dad. Visiting to the zoo is something I have fond childhood memories of; I remember on one particular occasion being quite upset by the unexpected appearance of a tapir’s nose as it wiggled through the fence towards my face, so thought this would be a great thing to do with my Dad.

The experience was amazing and the keeper, Adam, was informative, friendly and knowledgeable. Seeing such large animals up close and rubbing their bellies until they rolled over (and then even began snoring) was a unique experience! It’s something that I’m finding difficult to put into words… but they were much more responsive than I expected. Adam likened them to large domestic animals in the way that they respond to humans.


Today I’ve made a donation to support The Tapir Preservation Fund. http://store.tapirback.com/about-us/