During most holidays I try to drive as little as possible because a) I find driving a chore and b) I like to have a drink or two, particularly during the holidays. However, at some point during most of the major holidays I drive to visit my sister 140 miles away. I decided that during the drive up I would make a real effort to be considerate to other road users: letting people out, being patient, etc. Maybe I should do this every time, but I’m not perfect and I like to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

According to the AA website, unsurprising today is likely to be pretty hectic on the roads.

Busiest day so far this year

Getaway traffic is expected to be significant this Friday and Saturday (11-12 April). Congestion will peak on Maundy Thursday (17 April), predicted by Trafficmaster to be the busiest day on the roads so far this year.


Having travelled up on Monday, I returned today. Sadly I was not quite as thoughtful today, making at least 1 decision that I’m aware irritated another driver (although their driving irritated me first – but that’s no excuse), so clearly this is something I can continue to work on.


All of this got me thinking about whether people would be able to agree on rules for considerate driving – for example, one of today’s biggest annoyances was drivers sitting in the outside lane not overtaking just creating queues of traffic, I wish people were more aware of vehicle behind them. However it turns out there are already rules for considerate driving and they’re actually a lot more specific than I remembered/realised, so here’s a timely reminder!

The Highway Code

Rule 147

Be considerate. Be careful of and considerate towards all types of road users, especially those requiring extra care (see Rule 204 below). You should

  • try to be understanding if other road users cause problems; they may be inexperienced or not know the area well
  • be patient; remember that anyone can make a mistake
  • not allow yourself to become agitated or involved if someone is behaving badly on the road. This will only make the situation worse. Pull over, calm down and, when you feel relaxed, continue your journey
  • slow down and hold back if a road user pulls out into your path at a junction. Allow them to get clear. Do not over-react by driving too close behind to intimidate them
  • do not throw anything out of a vehicle, for example, cigarette ends, cans, paper or carrier bags. This can endanger other road users, particularly motorcyclists and cyclists.

Rule 204

The most vulnerable road users are pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders. It is particularly important to be aware of children, older and disabled people, and learner and inexperienced drivers and riders.