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I feel very lucky to live where I do: the facilities are good, the transport links are really handy and it’s just a few minutes to get out of the urban areas to somewhere beautiful.

basingstoke conservation

I’m also aware that lately I’ve been ill and somewhat preoccupied, so I feel the need to do something and actually take action. I’ve contacted Basingstoke Conservation Volunteers and will be getting involved in at least one of their projects helping to conserve local wildlife. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it! 🙂

In their own words, this is what they do:

 BCV carry out practical conservation projects around North Hampshire for the benefit of wildlife. The group was first founded in 1988 since when we have been helping to improve local reserves on most Sundays.

Most of the work is on nature reserves either owned or managed by Hampshire Wildlife Trust or the Council, although we sometimes work on private land where there is public access. Usually sites are local nature reserves and most are designated Sites of Special Scientifc Interest.”

To find out more visit their website: http://www.basingstokecv.org.uk/archive/current/calendar.shtml