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This week I’m going to make a real effort to reconnect with people and reprioritise things. I realised last weekend that I hadn’t been getting things right and started to set them straight, but I’m going to carry on.

The problem with Facebook is that although it’s easy to keep up with what people are doing it’s really easy not to make contact. I mean how does ‘like’ express anything meaningful, but it’s probably my most frequent reaction to other people’s news, thoughts or comments. I’m going to get in touch with the people that matter to me, in a way that is more meaningful and more like the relationship I had with them in the time BF – before Facebook! I think I’ll be starting with some good old-fashioned snail mail or maybe even a phone call.

Then there’s the whole career thing, I think I was a much better friend when I just had a job. However I’ve got 2 weeks off coming up, so no excuses, I’ll be trying to put the happiness of people I care about first, work can wait – whatever it is.