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Last night I was amazed by the number of local charity organisations all appealing for votes for the ‘Have your say’ grant.

It was actually quite overwhelming and I couldn’t help wondering whether there was something seriously wrong with the systems in society if so many charities were needed… However I’ve decided to try and take some inspiration from all the dedicated volunteers I met and to try and get more involved with local charity events and work.

I’d gone along to support The Pink Place (action 70). However I was given 2 votes, which complicated the issue as they had to be used for different charities! So I took the time to walk around all the stands and talked to as many volunteers as possible, before placing my votes. So I’m going to consider giving up my time to find out about local charities and their needs as an action of its own, I also passed on my contact details to the women promoting ‘Black History Month’ and will organise an event with them if they get in touch.


I have to admit I’m actually quite interested to find out who’ll get the grant now too!