At the school where I work we’ll be raising money for Sport Relief tomorrow, but what about the kids who come from families where money is really tight?

It’s £1 for non-uniform and an extra 50p to take part in the activity during the last lesson of the day. Some students have 2 or 3 brothers or sisters, you don’t need to be a mathematician to work out some parents are being asked to shell out £5 or more… Don’t get me wrong it’s all for a great cause and most of them can afford it and are happy to donate. But there are a few where that is not the case. Technically it’s all optional – students can choose to be part of the tiny and very obvious group who forgot or who weren’t allowed.

So I’ve made sure that I’ve let the students know who might be affected by this that they should take part and not worry about it, putting in the money myself for those who wanted to be included in the afternoon activity. This is something I’ve always done for my own class, this year I’ve extended the offer to a selection of students who I know may also need it. After all charity begins at home… and feeling like you belong is priceless.

To get involved yourself, please follow the link: