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One of the main advantages for my boyfriend when he moved in with me was that he could get a cat; previously in rented accommodation he’d been unable to have any animals. In the end we got 2 brothers and named them Jack Bauer and Stamford. The picture below is of the two of them chilling out on the bed. (Recently we bought a new bed and went for a super king size, so there was room for the whole family to share.)


On Thursday night Stamford went missing, on Friday we discovered that he’d been hit by a car and killed. An unknown neighbour from our estate had taken him to a local vets, but he was already dead.

The vet practice was not one we were registered with, they were kind, caring and unbelievably helpful. The vet who showed us Stamford was so compassionate that on seeing my partner’s devastation, she too broke down in tears.

Stamford was the noisiest cat I’ve ever encountered, ruined carpets and frequently ruined my sleep my jumping on to my stomach and climbing over me just to get to my other half, but he’ll be missed greatly.


I can’t express my gratitude to the person who took Stamford to the vets and whilst I thanked the vets, in the initial shock I’m not sure I was overly coherent, but I intend to pop back there next week with a thank you note and gift for the staff. I’d like to express my appreciation to all animal lovers who work with animals and put themselves through that on a regular basis, because they want to care for animals.

Today my partner asked me to make a donation to Pet Savers, whilst nothing could be done to save our kitty, perhaps other people could be spared seeing their beloved pets suffer or die.

Donations help PetSavers with their aim of improving the health of the nation’s pets by relieving the distress and pain caused by diseases for which we currently have no effective treatments. To find out more visit: http://www.petsavers.org.uk