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 I should probably start by apologising for this post, it would appear that I’m unable to filter effectively first thing in the morning and my thoughts are a lot more random…

So I’ve decided to recycle some worn out items that are beginning to develop holes by turning them into something else – bunting! It’s been a while since I’ve done any sewing, but that looks pretty straightforward, right? Oxfam are asking for donations of bunting to sell at festivals over the summer and raise funds for their work. So fantastic – that’s supporting charity as well. See the link below for details…


Then I decided I felt like a bit of word play this morning – see today’s blog title – childish, but I’m easily entertained and an English teacher. This got me to wondering of there was such a thing as ‘to bunt’ – the process of making bunting. If you’re as easily amused as me, please see the results of my research below. Frankly the last bit it’s gross, but I doubt I’ll forget it, so I thought I’d inflict it on the world. 😉 (Oops, maybe that’s not a great start to a day of being kinder… as per yesterday’s blog. How about I thought I’d share my knowledge.)



[with  object]

  • 1 Baseball (Of a batter) gently tap (a pitched ball) without swinging in an attempt to make it more difficult to field: he tried to bunt the ball down the first baseline [no  object]: Phil bunted and got to first

    • With a runner on first the batter bunts the ball in front of the plate.
    • The Mets had Jerry Grote on second and Al Weis on first when J.C. Martin bunted the ball toward the first base line that was fielded by Pete Richert, the Baltimore pitcher.
    • Lima bunted the ball, which hit directly in front of the plate and appeared to bounce up and hit not only his bat but also his leg.

  • 1.1(Of a batter) help (a base runner) to progress to a further base by bunting a ball: he bunted Davis to third

    • The Rangers had Rusty Greer coming to the plate with first base open because Johnny Oats had bunted a runner over to second.
    • Wang Chien-ming of the Yankees bunts a runner to second base while facing the Cardinals at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri on Friday.
    • During batting practice, Carroll works on his strengths – such as hitting the ball the other way with a runner on second base and bunting a runner over to second base.

  • 2. Push or butt: Gary bunted her with his head


a blow job given to a man taking a shit on the toilet
Helen gave me a great bunt job today.  She is a very dedicated woman.