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This photograph from Sean Pinn’s website really sums up the kind of view I was faced with on my morning run today. http://www.seanpinnphotography.com/category/hay-river/ (Hope he doesn’t object to the share, visit his website for some truly beautiful photography.)

On Monday when I ran the sun was shining, the air was crisp, everything was beautiful and unspoilt – I ran a great time. This morning the sky was grey and it was misty, my legs felt like lead and there was a trolley in the pond and litter round the park.

Now I’m a realist I can’t get a trolley out of the pond very easily, sensibly or safely, but I could clear the litter. This afternoon I retraced some of my route and cleared the worst area of litter.

What really gets me though is who would bother to push a trolley for half a mile or more just to put it in a pond? Wouldn’t it be easier to set fire to things? Maybe vandals are getting stupider and less effective… But if everyone went out and tried to make something a little better, wouldn’t the world be a more beautiful place?

For those of you that are wondering, yes, there were quite a lot of people around and yes, I do think they thought I was odd and gave me a wide berth! 😉