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You may have seen this image already, this is Barbie next to a doll based on US government measurements of average 19 year old women. This is the idea behind Lammily: a doll with regular proportions.


Now admittedly it’s still a pretty doll with long shiny hair – but change has to start somewhere. Anything that helps to improve the message society gives girls about body image and beauty has got to be good. Lammily will be produced to be more natural looking and her feet will fit into flat shoes, not heels.

The creator of Lammily has been taking pre-orders to help fund production of the doll. I’ve just ordered one. The doll should arrive in November. So the question is: do I give it to one of my nieces for Christmas; use it to teach my classes about the power of the media; or keep it in the box (so when this takes off I’ve got a mint condition, first edition of the doll that changed everything)?

If you’re interested in finding out more have a look online… https://www.lammily.com/average-is-beautiful