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A friend of mine mentioned to me a while ago about eco-tyres and I decided to look into it. They’re slightly more expensive and not stocked at my usual garage. So it’s taken me a while to get organised… but today I’ve fitted 2 environmentally friendly tyres to my car and will do the same in due course with the remaining two tyres

What are eco-tyres?
Tyres with a reduced rolling resistance, that still offer great safety. Assuming that your tyres are kept at the correct pressure, environmentally friendly tyres can offer a 20% reduction in rolling resistance which will equate to a 5% saving in fuel. Michelin have made the claim that this saving is around £65 a year which covers the cost of the tyre. Whilst reducing fuel consumption and noise pollution, as they’re quieter.

eco tyres

As fuel prices continue to creep up, perhaps I’ll make a saving as well as saving the environment!