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Last night I read a number of articles about Kiva and Kiva Zip, in the end I decided to roll with it and made a $10 loan through Kiva Zip. https://zip.kiva.org/loans/3007 I made this loan to Foodshed, please have a look at their website. http://www.foodshedpizza.org/
Thanks to Dave for this article from 2011 which I found helpful when trying to decide whether taking this action was appropriate.

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Two years ago, there was a pseudo-controversy around Kiva’s business model . The organization had received great acclaim as an innovative person-to-person microlending platform. Lenders in rich countries could browse profiles of micro-entrepreneurs who lacked access to other capital sources, and send funds to help them expand their businesses. It was an elegant, simple solution. Perhaps too simple.

The kerfuffle started with a blog post from David Roodman at CGD. Kiva had always been clear that the funds were channeled through a local microlender, which distributed them to the borrowers. Roodman pointed out something that most of Kiva’s microlenders didn’t know: the borrower typically received funds from the local microlender well before their profile showed up on Kiva’s site, so your funds were not actually going to that particular borrower. Roodman’s post, and others, questioned the transparency of Kiva’s practices and ultimately led the organization to change how it communicates with its lenders.

Now, it looks…

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