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Friends of the earth have a fantastic website – really interesting, one thing they offer to do is send you an e-mail a day and one heading really caught my eye: What makes your world amazing?


I thought about this for a while before I read on, what does make my world amazing? So many things…

But back to the point: friends of the earth have their biggest event of the year in March: the BIG PICTURE! They’ll be displaying people’s photos in Waterloo station to inspire people to appreciate the planet and take better care of it.


This is the picture I uploaded with my donation. This photo was taken at Hengistbury Head last summer – whenever I’m there the natural beauty of the place always makes me feel refreshed and grateful to be alive. It’s just 1 good reason to look after the earth.

Having done this I realised that I could do with ‘stopping and smelling the roses more often’! When I considered what made my world amazing I had lots to choose from (I scrolled through photos of myself and my boyfriend at the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, pictures of nights out with friends, etc.) so I really should appreciate it all more.