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A close friend pointed out that this week is Random Acts of Kindness Week (from 10th to 16th February) and they thought it might be something I could do this week. Turns out it is something I can do, I wasn’t sure at first, it’s not that I think I’m already a wonderful person, it’s just that I do try and seize opportunities to be nice if they throw themselves at me!

So the challenge was to come up with something I wouldn’t do anyway (if the opportunity presented itself). So tomorrow I will be adorning the mirrors in the student toilets with the message below, I thought I might just do something similar in the staff toilets too…


I’ve posted about this on Facebook tonight, perhaps it’ll inspire others, but failing that it has inspired me to suggest something to the person that put me up to this, a random act of kindness that they can do. Maybe that’s a random act of kindness in itself… or maybe it’s just revenge! 🙂