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Whilst this month I’m shopping local, at the end of last month I placed an order online with M & S, which I recently collected in store. As always I was perfectly happy with my purchases (I’m quite a fan of their lingerie), but the amount of packaging was ridiculous!

Each individual item came on a plastic hanger in a clear plastic bag, these 4 packages were then packaged inside another clear plastic bag and then as I didn’t want the world to see my purchases – as I made my way through town and went to the cinema – I accepted the offer of a plastic carrier bag!

Surely there must be a better way? The cynical side of me carried out a whole conversation with myself about how this volume of packaging could be justified/explained. Until New Year resolution me pointed out that I have to take my share of the responsibility by taking action…

I left the huge pile of plastic packaging on the floor as a reminder to myself to do something about this. This evening I’ve e-mailed M & S customer service with my thoughts and a request that they look at ways to reduce the packaging for online orders; I wonder if they’ll consider doing anything?

‘Your M & S’: Let’s find out if that’s true…