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At this point in the month I normally place an online order with Tesco or pop to Sainsburys to take advantage of some money off vouchers. During February I’m going to buy my groceries from independent local retailers.

Reasons to Buy Local…

  1. Freshness – Local food is fresher than food shipped from other countries.
  2. Strengthen Local Economy – Keeping money in the community creates the multiplier effect, a principle that show cash spent and invested locally generates more wealth within that community.
  3. Support Independent/Family Farms – They’re a lot less likely to slip some horse meat in your dinner!
  4. Decrease Distance from Farm to Table – Decreasing food miles lessens our environmental impact and the dependence on oil.

Reason 4 is the main reason I’ll be shopping locally this month. It’ll also feel good to have a clearer idea of where my food has come from and the conditions it has been produced in.

If you fancy trying this I found the Big Barn website really helpful, it shows where you can shop in your local area: there are places I didn’t know existed!


I’m actually looking forward to my grocery shopping now… Sad but true!