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Recently I’ve been experimenting with shopping weekly in person, rather than fortnightly/monthly online. This was mainly inspired by Sainsbury’s sending me a lot of vouchers for money off your weekly shop, I thought shopping weekly might reduce the amount of food I threw away and I’d benefit from the money off. I’ve also discovered that it fits in reasonably conveniently a lot of the time, as I go past the store on my way to other places.

However, as I rarely go out with the main purpose being to get groceries I never go prepared and always grab a few carrier bags in store – which I later recycle.

In the UK we use around 8 billion plastic bags each year.

The estimated amount recycled is just 5-10%.

This morning I bought a reusable bag for my shop and didn’t use a single carrier bag (it was a pretty large bag).

So now the challenge is to re-use it… if I don’t I’ve actually made things worse as the tougher bag has a bigger impact when produced than a ‘single use’ carrier bag. The bag is already by the front door, with a view to putting it in the car in preparation for my next spontaneous shop!

I will reduce the number of carrier bags I use; I will reuse my bag!