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A few days ago a friend sent me a text about the plight of African elephants, so today I decided to find out what I could do to help.

96 Elephants are killed every day in Africa.

Pledging not to be involved in the ivory trade was easy; I’ve never been involved in the ivory trade.

As a child I was regularly taken to the local zoo, we had a family membership, so I learnt about endangered animals and how the loss of species could impact our world. I’ve always been made aware of illegal animal trade and how to ensure my actions don’t encourage it.

There are a number of charities working to save the steadily decreasing elephant population. The elephant population in Africa is currently decreasing by 8% a year. The most obvious actions were to raise awareness and adopt an elephant.


The picture above is of Jasiri, an orphaned elephant I’ve just fostered for the next year. To read his story and find out more, please follow the link below…