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Today I was researching Saturday’s action (more to follow on that) and happened to be on the RSPB website, I’ve made a couple of little purchases to support the RSPB.

One of which is a mug featuring a ‘kaleidoscope of butterflies’. Who knew that was the collective noun for butterflies? Not me…

Turns out there are lots of these – I thought it was fascinating: an army of caterpillars… brilliant! Follow the link below for more:


Or visit the RSPB website and get yourself a mug! http://shopping.rspb.org.uk/


In case you’re interested in how my previous actions are panning out…

Action 21: The lovely Orange Helpers on Facebook have switched my account to paperless billing, hooray for trees!

Action 12: The blanket’s getting a lot of use, as I’m keeping the heating low and trying not to freeze my arse off!

Action 10: I enjoyed my honey mead from English Heritage and may have to save some more bees this way…

Action 8: I’ve continued to avoid plastic/disposable cups, spoons and forks at work – thanks go to one of my lovely colleagues who may be doing a little more cutlery washing than normal and the other half who washes my dirty mug when I bring it home!

Action 5: Only 53p raised so far for the Pink Place, but I can do more internet shopping to boost that!