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Sometimes ways to act throw themselves in front of you: a friend on Facebook shared the story of Roger Jean-Claude Mbédé, reminding us that being gay is still illegal in 76 countries and can result in a life-long sentence or the death penalty in 10 of those countries.

I didn’t think twice about signing the virtual vigil and campaigning for world leaders to take action to prevent anyone else having to suffer for their sexuality.  If you’d like to do the same follow this link:


But I did think twice about taking any further action. People still judge and I try to keep my head down and be non-controversial these days… Then I thought some more and decided to buy a badge promoting LGBT History Month and to wear it to work (at school) next month. The LGBT website states: “In the past, the silencing of LGBT people was often reinforced by legislation. The most recent example was Section 28, passed in 1988 and repealed in 2003, which was intended to restrict debate on homosexuality, particularly in schools.”

If you want to know more, please follow this link: