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I’m reliably informed that turning the thermostat down by one degree cuts fuel consumption by up to 10%, saving energy and consequently the planet!

I love being warm and cosy, I’d rather walk around barefoot and crank the heating up. I have terrible circulation and often feel cold when other people don’t. About a year ago I decided to try and work on reducing my energy usage by setting the heating only to come on for brief periods in the morning and evening, as I often found I was heating my home to a balmy 20 degrees when no-one was home. One result of this need to manually switch the heating on is that I often turn it straight on at 20-21 degrees now though!  

However today, I’ve avoided the urge to turn up the heating and grabbed a giant fluffy blanket, resulting in the other half informing me I ‘look like a little old lady’. By turning the thermostat down by 1 degree, apparently I can save up to £30 in a year. I’d rather cough up and be toasty, but for the sake of the environment… I’ll be employing this approach as much as possible until summer!