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Around 1.5 – 2 million tonnes of clothing and textiles waste are discarded every year in the UK  . Of this only 16% is currently reused or recycled with 63% (1.2 million tonnes) ending up in landfill.

Even textiles that may not be suitable for resale are used, they are: sent to developing countries; turned into wiping cloths, which are used in a variety of industries and businesses (everything from manufacturers to repair shops, construction industries, stores, and maintenance and custodial departments); or processed back into fibres and turned into paper, yarn, insulation, carpet padding, etc.

Recycling textiles reduces landfill and reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing too!

Like most of us over the last few weeks my wardrobe’s been replenished/rejuvenated with sales purchases or gifts: today I dropped off a bag of old clothing/textiles at my local recycling bank. The bank is provided by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance http://www.hiow-airambulance.org.uk/ meaning any profits from my donation are also supporting a registered charity. The benefits are endless!