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Action no. 10: I’m in double figures – yay!

Today I decided to look for charity tickets to an event, which it turns out is actually quite hard.

Having dismissed attending the ‘2014 Miss Earth London Heat’ at Tiger Tiger, eventually I came to the conclusion that going to a Friends of the Earth event, at which an MP was introducing a film about bees, followed by Friends of the Earth advising you about ways to help save the bees, was probably my best bet.

Then I thought maybe buying some locally sourced honey/bee products would actually be more useful… again not as easy as you’d think, perhaps beekeeping isn’t big in the county where I live!

Finally I’ve settled on buying some mead from English Heritage… http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/ Supporting an established charity and supporting bees, with the added bonus of alcohol. Job done! Although I kind of feel like this shouldn’t count…