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The World Wildlife Fund is a charity I’ve known about since I was a child. The work they do has a direct effect on our world, they make a real impact. I was stunned to discover that a large number of today’s teenagers seem unaware of the WWF and even thought the iconic panda logo was the image of a polar bear!

Today I decided that I’d raise awareness of the WWF in 2 ways: I will be displaying a poster (shown above) in my car window and secondly my man will be wearing one of their statement t-shirts highlighting the plight of the polar bear, follow this link to have a look or buy one of your own: http://www.wwf.org.uk/how_you_can_help/the_panda_made_me_do_it/threadless.cfm

Getting him to wear a t-shirt may sound like a bit of a cop-out as I won’t be doing it, but we are frequently approached by people commenting on his t-shirts and he is happy to talk to them. We’ve been approached at home and abroad, even whilst sat at a restaurant for dinner! (I only hope this t-shirt generates half the amount of interest his Sons of Anarchy top created!)